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Die Glocke

Die Glocke

World War II was definitely a war that had its mysteries, many of which had paranormal ties. People whisper theories about Hitler’s fascination with the otherworldly, and many of the survivors of World War II insist that they have some form of evidence that proves that the Nazis were interested in harnessing power that science as we know it says is impossible. It was supposed to be the “Wonder Weapon of WWII.” One book began all the speculation behind this wonder weapon – a book by the name of The Truth About The Wonder Weapon by Igor Witkowski.

Witkowski’s book states that the information he received was gleaned from translated messages from an interrogation of an SS officer who went by the name of Jacob Sporrenberg. During the interrogation, Jacob leaked out information about a weapon which was nicknamed the “Nazi-Bell.”  This weapon was a bell-shaped instrument which measured a massive 3 by 4 yards tall, and contained a liquid called Xerum 525. When activated, Die Glocke would release a large amount of radiation. Sporrenberg also mentioned that Die Glocke was also supposed to be able to create anti-gravity propulsion.

Of course, this led to several issues that had skeptics wondering about this so-called wonder weapon. Though there was a lot of unusual things that Die Glocke was supposed to do, the actual way that it was supposed to be lethal never really came clear. Moreover, anti-gravity propulsion is still theoretical in nature, even today. Stranger still was the fact that Igor managed to somehow get the information that he received. It didn’t make sense for Igor to be able to transcribe the interrogation, especially since he apparently did so in 1997. Most mainstream authors agree that the concept of Die Glocke doesn’t really make much sense, and many call it a hoax.

However, for every group of skeptics, there is a believer. Believers do have some legitimate reasons why they would want to believe this theory. Many Nazi weapons were hidden from US citizen’s knowledge up until the 1990′s. US experimentation on military personnel was not known for decades after it happened. If there was a super weapon in existence, it would only make sense that both the US and the Polish governments would want to hide it.

There seems to be more and more fringe science authors who want to speculate on what Die Glocke was supposed to be. After the release of Witkowski’s book, multiple books quickly rolled out with the legendary weapon’s possible histories. Two of the more popular authors who touched on the subject of Die Glocke included military writer Nick Cook, and Joseph Farrell. Both men seem adamant in their beliefs on this wonder weapon that never was.

The fact is that there are definitely some legitimately hidden weapons secrets that remain from World War II, and it’s quite possible that we will not find out about these military secrets for decades to come. Though Die Glocke itself might not be real, the message that Igor Witkowski’s book sent definitely was true – WWII, though long past, still holds many mysteries that we may never know the real stories about.

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